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Rust & Rope

I was pondering over what to call this latest gallery of photos and decided to name it exactly what it showed. Rust and Rope. There’s a wealth of this in areas where fishermen use piers to store their boat equipment when not in use – from small rowing boats to large fishing boats. I love the colour and texture of rust. Chains come in very varied sizes so sometimes just one or two links suffice for a photograph. I like that ropes come in various sizes and appearances – some knotted, some frayed, some spliced, all making nice textured photos.

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Small Boats

Wherever you live in Shetland the sea is never far away. This results in small boats being a familiar sight and I happen to love them. Shetland weather can be really challenging at times but when a calm day appears so does my camera. I hope you like some of the photos below.

Simple Spring Beauty

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