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“SORLANDET” and a Fair Norwegian Maiden

Lerwick harbour was graced last week by the visiting Norwegian sailing ship, Sorlandet.  It is the oldest of the three Norwegian Tall Ships and is the oldest full rigged ship in the world.  It offers adventure sailings for young people of all ages as a treat at the end of their course as cadets.

My son, Magnus and myself were in town for a little while when the ship was berthed and we went to the Peerie Shop Cafe for refreshments. It was quite crowded as there were visitors from the Sorlandet enjoying coffee etc., including a young woman who kindly let us sit at her table. Her name was Ingvild (I think I got that right) and she was very nice indeed.

If you happen to be reading this, Ingvild, then I want to thank you again for letting me take photos of you, especially the ones where you are definitely enjoying the bread and jam and also your cappuccino.

So, in the hope that you may see this blog sometime Ingvild , here are some photos to remind you of your visit to Shetland. Hope you like them. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

En Route to Bannaminn.

We’ve had some very fine days recently so, with camera in car and steering wheel in hands, I headed for the south end of Burra. and Banaminn Beach. Two bridges, some stops, and a few minutes on, I arrived, parked and continued on foot. The following photos are the result of this short journey. I hope you like them.

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