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The Glow of Sunrise

Shetland surely has some of the most beautiful sunsets, and also sunrises, to be seen anywhere. We especially appreciate them as our weather is sometimes very restrictive of our ability to view them.

I was awake on a morning when, looking at the sky, I saw the beginnings of what I hoped would be such a sunrise. So, at approximately 4.00am with camera in hand and the essential spare batteries in my pocket, I set off for Tingwall Valley. Before I even arrived I could see a mist hanging over the lochs – a most attractive sight in itself.

As I was about to take my first photo the sun suddenly slipped from behind the edge of the hill and burst through the mist.

It was impossible to stay and watch the morning unfold with such beauty and not be filled with awe at the sight.  I hope that you have enjoyed viewing these photos as much as I delighted in taking them.

‘Da Gairdins’ in Sand.

A few days ago I took a long overdue visit to ‘Da Gairdins’ at Sand, Bixter. Never having been there before I didn’t know what to expect. I took my camera hoping to take some flower photos. However, what really took my eye, was the beautiful grounds with well kept lawns, pathways, ponds, trees, and shrubs. There were garden seats, tables, steps up and down from ponds, pathways through trees to ponds, frogs and tadpoles in ponds. It was a photographer’s Eden and I hope I have done it some justice with these few photos.

Also one or two extras taken while in the area.

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