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Peace In The Valley

Oh, what can compare to a sunrise

Where the mist makes a softening ray

As it spreads its glow o’er a tranquil loch

Lending peace to the start of the day.

What a joy in those moments of quiet

To behold such a view so serene

On the memories of such a blessed picture

Is where our hearts and our minds we can lean.

Of Flowers and Games

The Jubilee Flower Park in Lerwick is an extremely worthwhile place to visit in the summertime, with colourful flowers arrranged around borders, between pathways, and other separate rockery style mounds. For those requiring a pleasant outdoor pastime there is a bowling and putting green. There is also a tennis court for a more athletic pursuit.

There is nearly always, at the very least, a little breeze blowing in Shetland so photographing flowers is quite a challenge. I was lucky to have one calm day to take some photos. Other flowers were captured by holding them in one hand and photographing them with the other. A real professional touch.

The names of some of the flowers was provided by the very helpful and hard-working Diane, who tends the garden, and I am very grateful to her for her time.

Capturing these lovely flowers was a real pleasure and when winter comes and the flowers have gone I will still have these photos and memories.

Click photos to enlarge.

The Burland Croft Trail (Part Two)

There was so much to see on the Croft Trail that, to do it justice, I have divided my blog into two parts. The following few photos will show one or two other parts of the croft and a little of the beautiful garden which was arrayed with fabulous flowers, stonework and elusive-to-the-camera butterflies.

There are also one or two photos to which I have added changes and/or enhancements just for the fun of it.

This may be the end of my photographic trail around the croft but it is by no means my last visit.

The Croft Trail Video.

The Burland Croft Trail (Part One)

One of the most visited attractions in Shetland is the Burland Croft Trail on Trondra, which was begun by Mary and Tommy Isbister in 1976.  If your idea of enjoyment is a few hours (at least) in the countryside with plenty to keep the children amused, then this croft with its farm animals and birds, most of which are tame and can be handled, is a must.

Having driven down the short gravel road to the croft and generally looking over the fields I was immediately struck by the amount of work which must be involved to keep it in such good order combined with the feeding of all the animals and fowl.

Photographing this lovely place was such a pleasure, beginning with the little hens with furry feet running excitedly towards me hoping that I had some pellets in a bucket. The photos I took will, I hope, bring you a little of what the croft has to offer its visitors.

The health and fearlessness of the livestock is a credit to the hard work of Mary and Tommy. I stayed for a long time as it felt good to be in the company of relaxed and happy birds and animals.

An 18-Hole Paradise

One of Shetland’s two 18-hole golf courses lies just outside of Lerwick in the picturesque location of Dale.

On the same morning as the sunrise over Tingwall Valley, as seen in my previous blog, I stopped at the Brig o’ Fitch and was met with a wonderful sight of sunrise and mist over the golf course.

The following few pictures are what I saw and I hope you will share my delight in the scenes I was fortunate to witness on that beautiful early morning of the 13th June.

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