This blog post is a little different to my former ones. Firstly because the photos have mostly been taken indoors and also because I have given them HDR (High Dynamic Range) treatment. I chose HDR for these as it enhances the abundant colour found in the Wool Brokers shop and it also gives them a ‘painting’ appearance which I like.

Shetland Wool Brokers (Jamieson & Smith) goes back quite a long way having started around the 1930’s but not always at its present address. They have an interesting history which can be found on their website or, if you plan to visit, the wool workers and shop assistants are more than willing to acquaint you with the details.

I am a little ashamed to say knitting has never been one of my interests. It was a talent I failed to catch as it flew past me to my sister and my daughter. Nevertheless I appreciate the work and dedication that goes into knitting even the smallest of Shetland wool garments.

So, the following is my short interpretation of the colourful and exciting world of the Shetland Wool Brokers from the ‘yow’ (ewe) to the ‘how’ (instruction leaflets). I hope they spur someone on to make a very worthwhile visit there.

Click photos to enlarge.