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An Hour Between Weathers

A couple of days ago I toyed with the decision of whether or not to brave the weather in search of fresh air and sanity.  Had I not done so I fear being indoors any longer would have taken its toll in the form of cabin fever. So with hat donned, two hooded jackets on and camera around my neck I proceeded forth into the big grey yonder in the direction of Port Arthur, Scalloway. Despite being mostly cloudy the sun did shine and I took a few shots. A squall seemed impending so I headed for home as fast as my not-so-young legs would carry me. I was reasonably happy with the photos but ecstatic to have been out of the house.

Both photos have been given extra colour to chase away the seasonal blues. Make that ‘greys’.

Moments in Time

There have been some stunning sunsets in Shetland in the last two or three days. So beautiful that sometimes there were six or eight cars lining the road at the top of the Scord to watch and photograph. It’s one of those situations where you would like to be in a few different places at the same time to catch the different pictures. But the view from the Scord is hard to beat especially on evenings like this.

These photos were taken over two evenings. With photos number 2 and 3, I zoomed in quite a bit as the sun, just above the horizon, was bright orange and yellow and I thought it would look good closer. I was delighted with the added bonus of a gull flying into view as I clicked.

I admit that I am struggling with the settings on my new camera and the sunset doesn’t wait while you make various adjustments. But I did manage one or two successes and here they are.  I hope you like them.

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