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Windows Into The Past

I accompanied my daughter on a shopping trip to Lerwick today. When we arrived at the desired location I got out of the car and looked up to find this small shed nestled away in a corner. What a wonderful thing it is that one man’s eyesore is another one’s potential.

I love it’s many small glassless windows. It adds such character. It has obviously lost its strength as it is being supported by concrete blocks, but at least it’s not in pane.

Let There Be Light

I’ve joined a nice photo website called Blipfoto in which you post one photo a day as a sort of journal. The photo has to be taken on the day of submitting of course so it’s a good challenge. It’s also a good idea as you can look back on any week, month or year and see where you were, what you were doing and, of course, what photo you took.

Yesterday was so dull I thought I wouldn’t manage to get a decent photo for the journal, so I decided to stop at the Tingwall Chapel and see if there was enough light to take photos inside. It was quite dark but I found a few better lit areas near the windows.

I love the little Tingwall Chapel and these photos may not do it justice but they are a little different and that can only be a good thing.

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The Beach Boys (but not as we know them)

As I said in my previous blog post, I went to Meal Beach at Hamnavoe hoping for scenes of sea and sand. Somehow, probably because the sun was too bright, I just couldn’t manage a decent photo. Well that’s my excuse…..  The appearance of some young men encouraged the lifting of my camera and my spirits. I clicked blindly against the sun and hoped for the best. So these are that best.

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What a difference a day makes…

I went to Meal Beach at Hamnavoe yesterday hoping to get some photos of sea and sand. But that’s another story for my next blog post. Meanwhile, on the return journey, I caught this lull at Clift Sound. All too rare at this time of year.


There Once Was A Tree

A visitor to Shetland looking from the Scord, would probably think that our village of Scalloway, with it’s prominent castle, was quietly asleep. A short tour around the harbour area and beyond would soon change that opinion.

The Castle is the most obvious attraction but there is also a new Museum, Chinese Takeaway, an art studio call THE BOOTH, two very busy grocery shops, a boatyard, two boat marinas, the North Atlantic Fisheries College, and more. Not as sleepy as was first thought.

Tucked away in Gibblestone road is a marvellous furniture workshop called PAPARWARK. Here, owner Cecil Tait and others, make traditional and designer furniture to customers specific requirements and finished to the highest standard.

The links will provide all the information required on the various businesses. The photos I have taken inside Paparwark are in my favourite close-up style of photography. Remember, don’t miss this great workshop as you travel through the village. Ring the bell if you’re on a bus!

I hope you enjoy the post and the photos.

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Angles of a ‘Tangle’

Another rainy day prompted the photographing of my daughter’s Tanglewood guitar. The Tanglewood Company was founded in London in 1988 and they produce Electric, Accoustic and Bass guitars among others. I love the Tanglewood guitar, it has a great sound.

Before embarking on a photographic guitar session I made a trip to our local music shop in town to buy a plectrum. What difference would that make, you may ask. Well, I think it adds character to a few straight strings.

The music shop, where the Tanglewood guitar was also purchased a few years ago, is called HIGH LEVEL MUSIC (click on name for some very interesting information) and is owned by Brian Nicholson who is himself a ‘not too shabby’ guitar player. That’s jokingly an understatement as he’s one of Shetland’s finest guitarists.

So with camera, guitar and plectrum in hand the rain no longer reigned that afternoon.

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Mosey The Dude

This is Mosey, our cute littly tabby cat, who was rescued from a barn by the SSPCA in Shetland. He was very wild when we got him and had to be kept in a cage until he got used to his new surroundings and us. He tamed down quickly as a result of much love, attention and patience. He was actually called Mollie until we noticed some little extras growing. These were later removed and he became Mosey.

He has shorter than normal legs so he can’t jump up on to worktops etc. He’s chicken mad and whenever he hears the fridge door opening he’s there in seconds. The sound of the lid being removed from a tub of butter has him climbing up the cooker and almost hanging from the upper oven handle. His antics are so comical I can’t deny him a little blob of butter now and then.

He’s wonderfully good natured and very photogenic so there are many photos of him and also close-ups which he accepts with amazing tolerance. He’s a beautiful little cat and you’ll find more photos of him  HERE

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