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Doin’ It Country Style

It wasn’t the best day to go out with the camera but, to a picture taking addict, it was better than nothing. So off I went up the hill at the back of our house, determined to find something to shoot, despite the drizzle. I covered a very small area but took more than my usual passing glance at what I saw around me. The following photos are the result of my short expedition.

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Some Random Photos.

Sometimes I get lazy and just want to post photos with any information or explanations which is why I entitled this post ‘Some Random Shots’ . But I thought better of it so will just add that one or two of these were taken at a local garage yard. It was full rusting implements which happen to be one of my favourite subjects. The colour and texture of rusting metal, and old rope too, gives a good photographic result.

This previous blog will show how much I like ‘Rust And Rope‘.

Scenes From The Rurals

A couple of nicer days had me slinging my camera around my neck and heading for Hamnavoe which is a most picturesque village to visit.

As I came over the top of the hill entering Hamnavoe I could see the seaspray waving to me above the level of the land near the lighthouse and knew there would be a big ocean swell beyond the cliffs. I slid and slithered over the lengths of black ground where grass had given way to mud during the winter weeks of rain. Following the roar of the sea as it crashed against the cliffs I arrived at the small, specially built sheltered lookout and beheld a spectacular sight. I marvelled at the sea because it was relatively calm weather but the previous days gales had left a swell in the ocean which was still heading in.

On the way back to the car I wanted an HDR photo of the Hamnavoe waterfront so I climbed over a fence to rest the camera on a fencing post facing the harbour to ensure focused shots. As I climbed back over the fence my foot caught in a wire and I lunged forward using the fence post to catch myself. Unfortunately there was a loud crack and the rotting fence post bent forward too.

I struggled to loose my foot from the wire and finally got back over the fence pushing the post back to make it look as though nothing had happened. If anyone was looking from the above houses, I apologise for the partial break in the post but I don’t know who owns it and….I don’t think I want to. I’m a coward at heart.

Although the wind and rain had ceased it was still a little dull so I hope you like the enhancements I have given some of the photos.





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