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Starry Sea At Meal Beach, Hamnavoe.

Went to Meal Beach at Hamnavoe, Burra, yesterday.  The sea was gleaming and sparkling like stars as the sun was high and bright.  It shone on every wave that came in and sometimes reflecting in the receding water. I was quite prepared for the sun to be too bright to photograph but I took the photos on my knees with the camera as low as possible. It worked and here are some of those photos. The ocean was a simply a beautiful sight.

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Not So ‘LIVELY’.

I love taking photos of the old boat ‘LIVELY’. Although it is sad to see a boat in this state of decay it has nevertheless developed real photogenic character. She can no longer live up to her name and is history in the nicest sense. I will be very sorry if she is ever removed from her present resting place.



Trying to use different settings on the camera (about time too). Here are a couple of panoramic views I’ve taken recently. One is of Foula and the other was taken at Hamnavoe, Shetland.


Fishing Boat Heading Towards The Sunset

A fishing boat leaving Scalloway Harbour on a recent beautiful evening.

Different Wings

Saw some nice clouds behind the wind turbines so took a shot out of my bedroom window.  A gull swooped in, as they invariably do in Shetland, and completed the picture.

Under The Pier At Hamnavoe

Poles Apart

Was waiting on the pier at Dales Voe while my daughter tried a little fishing. The sky was all blue except for a few little clouds. Had taken my camera (of course) so snapped this little cloud and the pole.

Up For A Facelift

Two yachts up on the Scalloway pier for a summer paint job.

Some Recent Views

From Pillar To Pillar

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