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A dandelion clock reflecting in the newly fallen rain on my path.


From Home To Garden To Harbour

Feeding The Baby

I was watching out my kitchen window and saw this adult sparrow feeding the baby with peanuts. I already had the camera set up so was pleased to capture this scene.


The Darling Buds

Walking down a lane in town I saw some beautiful pink flowers. I liked these as they were still in bud.


Kergord and Weisdale Church Garden

A sunny but windy day yesterday so decided to go somewhere different. Weisdale seemed like a good idea. Kergord House is a very beautiful old house and you can read about its connections with The Shetland Bus here.

Hope you enjoy the photos I managed to take of the area.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Found Art

I once saw a heading for a type of photography called ‘Unintentional Or Found Art’ meaning that the subject was just found there and looked artistic when photographed. Maybe my ‘Barbed Heart’ and ‘Job Done’! fit into that category as all I had to do was point and click. I would say they look a little artistic to my eye.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

A lovely evening at Hamnavoe, Burra in Shetland. I was happy to be in the right place on such an evening.

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