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The Fallen

Even though the wild rose has been shaken in the wind, the beauty of its fallen petals can still bring colour to old concrete steps. Nature doesn’t give in easily to death and decay.

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Around The Pier At Blacksness, Scalloway.

As with most piers in Shetland there is always something new to be photographed. The wood being used to hold up a boat that was being painted for the summer. I like the cracking on the end and hopefully it will be a long time before it falls apart.

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Lamb In The Mist

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Simply The Truth

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Just Nearly Afloat

Little yellow boat just nosing the edge of the water at high tide in Hamnavoe.

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Hanging Out To Dry

There’s always something different to be found at Hamnavoe Pier.

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The Sea Pink

Two very different views of the lovely Sea Pink. Such a hardy plant to survive the harsh weather we can sometimes have even in the summer.

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Anchor At Rest

The low sun was shining through under the pier at Hamnavoe creating a nice shaft of light for this image.

Cap On The Chair

Just a random shot of my son’s tweed cap as it sat on the old chair.

My Beloved Cats

My two lovely cats. Levi, who is black, funny, good natured and extremely affectionate and Mosey, who is such a dude. He’s sweet natured, undemanding and very photogenic.

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