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Out And About Again

Well, now that I’ve managed to get out and about again, well around the village at least, here are some photos of a little yellow boat. I took some of this boat a while ago and you will find them a couple of pages back. I find it so photographable and wanted to grab some more pics while it was still there.

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‘It Might Have Been’

In the frame is an old picture of a beautiful lady called Maud Muller. On the back of the picture is a poem called ‘It Might Have Been’ about her very poignant love story by John Greenleaf Whittier. It’s a very beautiful, but long, poem so I haven’t posted it but you will find it HERE.

Before you read the poem it would be helpful to read this small paragraph about her and the young man she met. This is the LINK.

Part of the poem goes:

“The sweet song died, and a vague unrest
And a nameless longing filled her breast,—”

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Another Three ‘Stuck Indoors’ Images

Ref. previous blog.

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Stuck In The Great Indoors

I am very much an outdoor person but, having been forced to stay indoors for a few days due to a bad fall injuring my leg, I was able to have my daily ‘click fix’ by trying some still life photos. My sister, Kate, visited and showed me some gooseberries she had bought to make jam for the local Voe Agricultural Show. At my request she gave me one to photograph. Sad person that I am.

So here is Hopalong Cassidy’s still life efforts.

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Da Mosey Lad

Dear little Mosey who always obliges for a photograph.


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