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The Man In The Hat

Standing in a queue is not the ideal opportunity for candid camera but I was as desperate for a candid camera shot as I was for the food I was queueing for. I really wanted him to turn round, even just a little, but it didn’t happen. I decided to just get a photo of the hat as I liked it anyway.



Port Arthur Pontoon ~ Scalloway

We recently had two beautiful days in Shetland and many cameras were brought out to capture the scenery.  Althought I took some scenic shots, I enjoyed taking these alternative images at Port Arthur, Scalloway.

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Mandolin In The Castle Window

I took my mandolin to the Scalloway Castle to photograph it in a different setting. I only had a few minutes to do it as a strange person came into the castle and I admit to being rather afraid. I was the only other person in the castle and I had the key so I had to wait until he had finished looking around before I could lock up. I waited outside – I think it was a good idea. I won’t be going to the castle again by myself.

The Variance of Flowers

Loving The Waves

Went to Meal Beach the other day to see if the deluge of rain had left patterns in the sand with the water gushing down the beach. There was a couple of large and deeply etched ruts in the sand but no patterns. It had been too severe for that.

I got a fright when a noise behind me produced a beautiful brown and white border collie who obviously couldn’t wait to get into the waves. It was both delighted and delightful. The dog was so fast that it took me many, many shots to get just this one. I hope I have captured the dog’s sheer happiness as it dived into wave after wave.

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I Love Ewe

Shetland is not short of sheep I’m pleased to say. I love them. I had my own caddy lamb as a teenager because the owner, presuming it was going to die because it was weak and lifeless, gave it to me.

But I sat with it at an open peat fire to warm it up and did the best I could as a youngster and it lived. It was a beautiful lamb. The only thing I didn’t like was leaving it all week because I had to go to school in Lerwick from Sandness, but at least I got to be with it at the weekends. I guess that was when my love for sheep was born.

Here are a few of my recent sheep pics.

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Lerwick Flower Park

It hasn’t been the warmest year for flowers but some, being sheltered, have withstood the cold and wind. On one of the least windy days I took a look around the Lerwick Flower Park and snapped some of the survivors.

Here also is a link to a previous blog I did last year on the Lerwick Flower Park.  It had been a much better summer then. LINK

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Minn Beach, Burra, Shetland

Three close-up shots from Minn Beach in Burra, Shetland.

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Beloved Dreamer

This is Mosey who, although being timid, brings such joy with his funny little ways and gentle nature. He is very photogenic as previous photos of him will confirm.

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Rusty Feather

When I took this photo I thought I was just shooting at a rusting bolted pipe lying in water on top of an old oil drum. On viewing it on my computer I saw there was a feather stuck to a bolt. How did I miss seeing that?

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