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A Strange Mix

Three very different photos with various treatments.

Berries and ewe. A close up focus of berries on the trees in my garden with a ewe in the field beyond.

Guitar head.

Sparrow on the roof.

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Mandolin Reflection

Mandolin reflecting in a window.

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The Lovely Mosey

My adorable rescue cat, Mosey. Poses even while asleep. He especially loves the sheepskin rug.

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Gerbera On The Wet Path










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Tilting Sparrow

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First one way…..











…..and then the other

Darling Aspen

My daughter’s kitten, Aspen. Always a cutie and never a dull moment.

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Great Spotted Woodpecker Video

The great spotted woodpecker has been frequenting my garden most days for the past week. He is quite an amusing character. Pecking and peering, pecking and peering.  Not a common sight in Shetland so I’m delighted by his visits. If you click on the link you should be able to see it using Windows Media Player or some other player. It’s quite a large file size.

Woodpecker Video

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