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Good News For 2013

The book may be vintage or it may be brand new but the word of God never changes and the news is always good.

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Just Love Starlings

They may be common and they may all look the same but they are really funny and very photogenic.

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Psalms And Satin Ribbons

Some indoor work for a change using the lightbox my wonderful son made for me. On days of poor weather I can feed my photography addiction.

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Frightened By A ‘Fawkes’

I came back from a walk up the hill at the back of my house. On reaching the wall I saw a pair of legs with shoes lying in the snow. I really got a fright and was scared to look for a torso. On further inspection I realised that it was the discarded¬† ‘Guy’ from the bonfire which hadn’t taken place on November 5th. Phew!!!

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Thistle Be The End

A dead thistle to which I have added an ‘Old Legal Document’ texture.

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Sunlight Glinting On Water Drops

Caught the sun sparkling on these drops on a branch of my laburnum. Still with Boxing Day for this one.

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From Shore To Shining Shore

Another one from Boxing Day but thought it would be nice on its own.

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Around Scalloway On Boxing Day

A variety of images taken with nearly numb fingers on a very cold Boxing Day.  From calm waters to an illegally parked balloon.

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Scalloway In The Low Winter Sun

Another calm day in Scalloway. I never tire of taking photos in and around Scalloway. The weather makes every photo unique. I gave this one some HDR treatment.

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Brightening A Winter’s Day

A rainbow over at Berry Farm, Scalloway. Photographed from my upstairs window. So bright and uplifting amid the grey storm clouds.

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