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Folded Corners

This photograph is of a small book called “Under His Shadow” ~ The Last Poems of Frances Ridley Havergal. It was published in 1886 so has survived and is holding together quite well.

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Folded Corners



Ivy Surviving The Winter

Ivy is particularly suited to the Shetland climate. It just keeps on being green and growing despite the frost and snow.

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Ivy On The Garden Fence

Winter Sunset

Last night’s sunset brought photographers of all ages to scenic spots to catch the quickly changing sunset.

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Sunset At Clift Sound, Scalloway.Swimming Near The CastleDancing In The Sunset

Fallen Petals

Too cold to go out with the camera today – I’m such a coward.

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Fallen Petals

Boat Leaving Blacksness Pier

I heard this boat approaching from behind me but I just waited until it had passed in case I missed the best shot of it by having to re-focus.

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Boat Leaving Blacksness

Antique Mandolin

My antique mandolin with a little extra treatment. I can’t play my musical instruments – I just photograph them.

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Levi Hears A Dog

Another walk up the hill with Levi this morning to catch the sun rising. It turned out to be a watery, colourless sunrise with mist forming so not much success there. Levi got spooked by a dog barking and hid in the trees. One of the few times he actually sat still and I was able to catch an image.

Levi In The Trees (2) 800

Portrait Of A Sheep

This is one of the sheep that came running down the hill towards me and Levi. They were so curious as to what the littly black furry thing was that it seemed to overcome their fear of me. A good long stare by them was a an excellent chance for a photo.

Portrait Of A Sheep

Levi The Black

Levi, the cat, and myself went up the hill at the back of our house today. It was a little difficult trying to get photos at ground level as Levi has to get into everything. I put a book on a fencing post to photograph but, before I could even focus, Levi had jumped up with his dirty, wet  paws and decided to just sit there muddying the pages. I took a photo of him instead.



A Reminder Of Summer

Teacup And Flower

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