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Broken Glass Abstracts

These abstracts are made from images of broken windows on a small motor boat which is tied up at a local dock. Broken glass can produce many designs and adding colour makes for some very nice colourful images. I hope you like them.

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Broken Window (3)

Broken Window (4)



Broken Window 2




Broken Window


Raindrops On Red Tulips

Rain On Tulips

Four Tulips in the Rain

Another Golden Evening In Shetland

Sunset images from New Street, Scalloway looking over to Port Arthur and beyond. The tide was quite low so some of the lower part of the pier was more visible than usual. I feel it adds more character to the image.

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Pier In The Sunset Pier In The Sunset (4) Pier In The Sunset (14)

A Beautiful February Sunset

Taken from Port Arthur, Scalloway, Shetland.

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Sunset From Port Arthur

Come Taste The Wine

Something a little different from me but simple nevertheless. Two wine goblets, one being photographed through the other causing distortion. Some colour added. That’s artistic for a point and shoot girl like me. 🙂

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Come Taste The Wine

We Just Don’t Talk Any More

My antique bakelite telephone. It has been converted to enable it to work (which it does) but I think my finger would be in a splint by the time I finished dialling today’s telephone numbers.

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Phone Off The Hook 800

Pastel Dream

Pastel Dream

Boats And Buoys

There are always reflections of boats and floats to be found in Shetland on a nice day.

Boats And Buoys

Reflective Floating

A calm day at Hay’s Dock in Lerwick, Shetland.

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Floating At Hay's Dock 3 Framed 800

Rosy Cheeks

Apple and Strawberry

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