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Seaspray At The Cliffs

We’ve had more than a month of gales here. It has been restrictive regarding ferries and flights but has provided some splendid opportunities for brave photographers.

This one was taken at the cliffs beyond Minn Beach in Burra, Shetland.

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Cliffs Beyond Bannaminn

Some Instrumental Abstracts

These are images of guitar and banjo strings taken with the sun shining on them. It was quite accidental but pleasing.

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Catching Up

I had started to post photos fromĀ  last June to the present but it’s too time consuming. If you would like to see my images from then until now please follow this LINK. It will only work if you have a Facebook Account.

Thanks for your understanding.

Lerwick Flower Park

June, 2013.

Sunset From Trondra

These are from a lovely evening in June, 2013. Taken from above the Burland Croft Trail at Trondra.

Sunset At Trondra Grass And Fence In The Sunset

Fordson Super Dexta Tractor – The Blue Beauty At Burland Croft Trail

This is an old but much loved and cared for tractor at the Burland Croft Trail, Trondra in Shetland.

Bonnie Blue

Sunset At Hamnaove

I have neglected my blog for a long time but will try and catch up a bit. This photo of a Hamnavoe sunset was taken June 2013. Hamnavoe Lighthouse on the left. Hoping for more of the same to counteract the dreadful gales and rain we’ve been having.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

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