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Cemetry In The Sun

Sun shining on Tingwall Chapel cemetery.

Tingwall Cemetery B

Red Sky At Night

Anne’s delight! Hamnavoe lighthouse in the sunset and one from East Voe on our way to Burra. That’s two evenings in a row. How blessed we are.

Sunset Hamnavoe Lighthouse Sunset Hamnaove Lighthouse 2 Sunset From East Voe

On The Crest Of A Wave

At South Nesting.

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Swans South Nesting

Out Standing In Their Field

Just love ’em, smell and all.

Sheep In The Sun 2B Sheep In The Sun B

Foula From Port Arthur

Rather a nice evening on the 26th. Rushed out to Port Arthur just in case the sky was nice after the sun had set. Good decision. Even got an accidental gull.

Foula From Port Arthur

We Just Can’t Talk Any More

Came across this damaged phone box in Sandness. The wind through the broken pane was tearing up the wet phone book.

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Phone Box 2

Come On In…..

…..the water’s…..freezing.

Seal Two Seals At Bousta


An old Isbister’s Bedford bus lies decaying in Walls. I’ve given it a paint job.

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Isbisters Bedford Bus 4Isbisters Bedford Bus 2

Black Dude

Levi did something today he rarely ever does. He sat still for two seconds. But all I needed was a one second shutter click for each photo. Gotcha Levi!

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Levi Profile Levi Square

Empty vessels…..

…..make the most noise. But not this kind.

Wet Brown BottleTwo Empty Jars

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