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Woolly Web

Wool caught in the fence where sheep have been scratching themselves. It looks like a web as it shows up in the setting sun. Taken at Wester Quarff, Shetland.

Sheeps Wool Fence Quarff

Art Of Little Boats

A different perspective of small trout fishing boats at Tingwall Loch, Shetland.Green Boat Tingwall Loch 2

Blue Boat Tingwall Loch Square

Brown And Beautiful

How adorable is this hen. Because of it’s inquisitiveness it stayed still long enough for some nice shots. This one was from a group of very well cared for hens – the ones you see in the previous post. If you love hens these images are worth viewing in the enlarged size.

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Childhood Reminder

I love this photo, not because it’s well taken or anything (because it really isn’t) but it reminds me of happy times when I was a child. The summers seemed longer and warmer then but I’m glad that so many rural areas like this in Shetland remain quiet and peaceful.

Hens At Ocraquoy, Cunningsburgh

How Much Is That…..

…..doggie in the window? Had to detour from Tesco’s because of roadworks and it brought me to this lovely place, the Ness of Sound area. I could hardly manage to photograph the hen as it was so tame and kept coming towards me – for something tasty, more than likely.

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Spring Flowers And Fine Food…..

… Voe, Shetland.

Voe House Voe Pierhead Restuarant, Voe


Lying at Voe Pier, Shetland.


Balancing Act

Raindrops on the tips of grass blades with reflections.

Drops On Grass

Photography Article…..

… Olivier Duong. I don’t normally post this sort of thing but I was so enlightened by the following article on photography that I wanted to share it. There may be some photographers (like me) who want their photos to look great, not only for themselves but sometimes for others. But then, who really notices. Well, I have to get over myself and start to take photography more lightheartedly. After all, as Olivier Duong says in his article, even the most iconic of photographers didn’t take perfect pictures.

I will continue to produce my best photos but I am now going to enjoy it even more. So, time to head out with a camera round my neck and a song in my heart. Maybe a few black and white blurred images just because I can.

Link to the article.

Owner Loves Pony, Pony Loves Owner

One of the most picturesque places in Shetland (in my opinion) is Fladdabister. There are new houses, renovated cottages and old ruins. A mix that seems to work well along each side of the winding road which runs through it and, of course, the sea is never far from any village in Shetland. This lovely pony, whose name is Del Boy, is so gorgeous and well cared for as you can see by the shine on his coat. Pony owner, Brian Nicholson, owns the well known local music store called HIGH LEVEL MUSIC where I think it would be impossible NOT to get what you required regarding anything musical. You will find the High Level Music Facebook page HERE. Brian is also a very well known and gifted musician.

In photo number three Del Boy is asking for a few more of his favourite ginger snap biscuits but Brian is careful not to give him too many. It was the highlight of the day for me.

Brian Nicholsons Pony 2 Brian Nicholson And His Pony Brian Nicholsons Pony Brian Nicholson And His Pony 2

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