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Misty Hills

We have had so many misty days here in Shetland recently but many times it looks so nice when pouring down over the hills at Clift Sound. This photo was taken from Burra looking towards the Burra Bridge and beyond.

Mist On The Hills From Burra 2

Sunset Silhouettes

A recent sunset at Hamnavoe. I’m quite addicted to photographing grass sunsets as you will see in future postings.

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Common Beauty

Celandine and daisies. Oh, that we could be as reliable as these flowers. Coming up year after year to bless us with their presence.

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Vementry – A Shetland Paradise

I can’t believe that I visited this Shetland paradise for only the second time in my life. I think a picnic on a warm summer day will be on the cards.

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Vementry 4B Vementry 5B Vementry B

Meal Beach, Burra.

The frequently photographed beach at Meal, Burra, Shetland.

Sea At Meal Beach 3 Waves At Meal Beach 3

Folio In My Portfolio

A change of image with this still life. A set of books by P.G. Wodehouse published by The Folio Society.  Always a touch of class from those publishers.

Pile of Books 1C


Clift Sound From East Hogaland, Burra, Shetland.

A lovely cottage looks out over Clift Sound. A little out of the way place in Burra but worth the detour.

Clift Sound From East Hogaland Burra

Delightfully Fluffy

The gorgeous ‘Fluffy’ belongs to a friend. I was looking after her while my friend was away for a few days. What a delight she is. Always comes when called and never strays far. Always eats what she’s given. Fuss-free Fluffy.

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Sea Like A Painting

I love the sea in all it’s forms. The day these were taken the sky was blue making the sea a gorgeous blue/green colour.  This is near the Hamnaove Lighthouse in Burra, Shetland.

Sea Like A Painting Hamnavoe Lighthouse Sea At Hamnavoe Lighthouse Big Wave At Hamnaove Lighthouse 2

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