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The Lows And Highs Of Photography

These images were taken at Burra. The first was from the safe ground level of Minn Beach and the second necessitated lying flat as I was so near the cliff edge.

Sparkling Sea Minn Beach 7C  Seapinks On The Cliffs 2 900 AM

The Real Film Star

I went up to Berry Farm, Scalloway where I met an American Film crew and contestants for The Amazing Race which is shown on American television. This little Shetland pony seemed mesmerised by all the comings and goings and just stood totally still for a long time. It was the ideal opportunity to get a close up photo of him. There was a little breeze blowing his mane making the image just right. I do hope we get a chance to see the finished American programme here in the Shetland Islands and hopefully this little chap will be in it too.

Pony Portrait 3B

Swan Loch

On the way back from Minn Beach we stopped at this little loch at Bridge End where we saw two swans. This was one of them and the other can barely be seen in the background.

Swan On Misty Loch Crop 3

Blue And White At Burra

The mist was rolling in really quickly at Burra. Wondering where would be the best place to catch it on camera we continued to Minn Beach where the last three of these images were taken.

Mist Rolling In Burra 2B Mist At Minn Beach Misty Cliffs Bannaminn Mist And Photographer Minn Beach 2

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