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Beautiful Sunrise, Simmer Dim and Lost Car Keys.

Some mornings I’m not happy to be awake at 4.00am but this one was a real exception. Looking out of my window I saw the glow in the distance and headed for Tingwall Loch as the sunrise was in the perfect postion for this location. I spent about an hour taking many photos as the sun changed position and colour. Vapour was rising off the loch and you will see a strip of it in the photos.

It was also the weekend of the Simmer Dim Biker’s Rally in Shetland and I’m sure many would have seen this spectacle and been encouraged, along with trying out the latest new ale, to return another year as they come from all over the world for the Rally.

There was only one negative regarding this wonderful morning and that was I lost my car keys in the long grass. I had to walk a few miles home at around 5.30am. I never did find the keys but thank goodness for spares.

Sunrise Tingwall Loch 3D Sunrise Tingwall Loch 4   Sunrise Tingwall Loch 13Morning Mist At Asta Loch

Boats, Butterfly and Bird.

Two Shetland yoals at the beach in Hoswick, Sandwick. Here’s a link for the yoal.

A painted lady butterfly alights on a sea pink (or thrift).

On to Bigton and St. Ninian’s Isle where I caught my daughter taking a photo of a wheatear.

Two Boats Hoswick

Seapinks and Butterfly Stonechat 3

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