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Some Needed Additional Colour

Some days it was so dark in my back garden that I resorted to Lightroom to add some extra colour and treatment.

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My Garden Birds

I haven’t been able to get out much recently due to the bad weather. Being addicted to photography I set up the tripod in the kitchen to try and capture the birds that came. This proved to be an absolute joy as even 4 blue tits came and these are rare in Shetland. Some of these images may not be sharp as it was always so windy and the poor little birds were bobbing about on the branches sometimes holding on for all they were worth.

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Lamp Light

One of the orange street lights in Lerwick.

Street  Light

Norwegian Flag On Shetland Bus Memorial

This is the Norwegian flag that sits on the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway. I took it against the sun on a windy day trying to capture the movement.

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Shetland Bus Flag

Shetland Bus Memorial, Scalloway, Shetland.

Taken at night this is a memorial which shows a model of the fishing vessel ‘Andholmen’ involved in the Shetland Bus operation during WWII. In the background is the former cruise ship ‘Gemini’ now an accommodation vessel for workers at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal.

For more information regarding The Shetland Bus please use this link. If it isn’t working copy and paste may be necessary.

Shetland Bus Memorial

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