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The Changing Faces of Shetland Weather

Two different images of a lovely Shetland cottage at Meal, Hamnaove.

Rain Shower At Meal, Hamnavoe Cottage at Meal, Hamnavoe.

Circus Acts In My Garden

You never know what you’re going to see when you point the camera out the window.

Sparrow Fan

You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

Snow Capped Starlings

A recent fall of snow landed lightly on the ground, trees and even the starlings. Much extra food was put out to feed the cold and hungry little birds. The snow only lasted a few days then it was back to our usual wind and rain. Still, I enjoyed the brightness from a photographic viewpoint.

Snow Capped Starling Starlings On Snowy Branches

Plip Plop

Went out to photograph landscapes and ended up with water pouring from rhone pipes. My first try at photographing moving water. Small beginnings but quite pleased with them.

Rhone Pipe Drips Rhone Pipe Drips


My daughter’s lovely cat called Coco. Sweetest, funniest little thing. She’s dark tortoiseshell but still looks beautiful in sepia.


There’s A Storm Brewing

Shetland is maybe not the place to be in winter for someone addicted to photography especially if landscape is your genre but extremes of weather bring opportunities too. On a typical windy, and eventually rainy, day recently I went to Meal, Hamnaove to see what could be captured. As the sun was setting the wind picked up and started blowing the tops off the waves. The waves weren’t huge but I liked the colours the sun provided at that moment. On turning round I was a little perturbes to see what was looming up behind me. The sun shining on the winows of the house made it look ghostly. A couple of quick shots and I was in the car and heading home.

Waves From Meal 1000 AMStorm Clouds 2 1000 AM

Comical Kirsty

This is Kirsty, the thirteen and a half year old spaniel/lab cross belonging to my best friend, Linda. Kirsty is so young at heart and doesn’t act like an older dog despite showing other signs of ageing. She is a wonderful companion and I swear she knows when she’s being funny and making everyone laugh. This is one of her quieter moments.

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