Hello!  Welcome to my photography blog. My name is Anne Macdonald and I live in the Shetland Islands.  I started photography in 2010 as a retirement hobby but it very quickly became an addiction. As I try to learn the many aspects of photography I hope you will find something that you like on my site.

Whether the seasons bring inclement or balmy weather Shetland is still a paradise for photographers. With it’s scenery, wildlife, sunsets, sunrises, country life, town life, and entertainment etc. Shetland will provide a wealth of material for any type of photography.

I hope you enjoy my posts and will return to view my photos as I endeavour to learn and improve.

Should anyone wish to have a print or download of any of my photos please contact me via this site or e-mail me at anne.macd8@gmail.com.

All images on this site are the Sole Coypright of Anne Macdonald (azoomwithaview).