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Dreamboat In A Fur Coat

My nephew’s beautiful cat called Dougal. He’s a delight to live with and to photograph.

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Old Town And New Life

Taken from along the Sea Road past the Fjara Cafe.

Lerwick Baby Seal   Shalders Nest

You Are My Baby…..

…..and I’ll look after you for as long as you’re with me.

Mummy Loves Lamb

Getting Ahead On Pause

Mosey is one of the most photogenic little guys ever. He’s a natural which makes photographing him a pleasure.

Mosey BW 1000 AM

Handsome In Black

The great Levi. His happiness act on your arrival home is to roll on the road and get covered in dust. What a welcome!


A Perfect Model

Went for a wee run to Burra. This lovely Shetland pony was just standing in the field next to the fence. A gentle little breeze was blowing and I just had to stop the car and take some shots. Sometimes the Shetland ponies are quite filsket (Shetland word for frisky) and won’t stay still for a minute but this one was quite placid.

Shetland Pony 1Shetland Pony 2


My daughter’s lovely cat called Coco. Sweetest, funniest little thing. She’s dark tortoiseshell but still looks beautiful in sepia.


Comical Kirsty

This is Kirsty, the thirteen and a half year old spaniel/lab cross belonging to my best friend, Linda. Kirsty is so young at heart and doesn’t act like an older dog despite showing other signs of ageing. She is a wonderful companion and I swear she knows when she’s being funny and making everyone laugh. This is one of her quieter moments.

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The Real Film Star

I went up to Berry Farm, Scalloway where I met an American Film crew and contestants for The Amazing Race which is shown on American television. This little Shetland pony seemed mesmerised by all the comings and goings and just stood totally still for a long time. It was the ideal opportunity to get a close up photo of him. There was a little breeze blowing his mane making the image just right. I do hope we get a chance to see the finished American programme here in the Shetland Islands and hopefully this little chap will be in it too.

Pony Portrait 3B

Beauty And The Beach

This beautiful docile horse stood facing me with the low bright sun shining through it’s windblown mane. Onwards to Minn Beach and a bottle filling with sand as the wind was whipping up little sand storms. I waited for the wind to cease a little before taking a shot.

Horse Eye 2Bottle Bannaminn Beach 2B

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