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Norwegian Flag On Shetland Bus Memorial

This is the Norwegian flag that sits on the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway. I took it against the sun on a windy day trying to capture the movement.

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Shetland Bus Flag

Shetland Bus Memorial, Scalloway, Shetland.

Taken at night this is a memorial which shows a model of the fishing vessel ‘Andholmen’ involved in the Shetland Bus operation during WWII. In the background is the former cruise ship ‘Gemini’ now an accommodation vessel for workers at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal.

For more information regarding The Shetland Bus please use this link. If it isn’t working copy and paste may be necessary.

Shetland Bus Memorial

Beauty And The Beach

This beautiful docile horse stood facing me with the low bright sun shining through it’s windblown mane. Onwards to Minn Beach and a bottle filling with sand as the wind was whipping up little sand storms. I waited for the wind to cease a little before taking a shot.

Horse Eye 2Bottle Bannaminn Beach 2B

It’s All Uphill From Here

An abstract view of the sun shining on the railings in Bank Lane, Lerwick.

Bank Lane Handrail

Photography Article…..

… Olivier Duong. I don’t normally post this sort of thing but I was so enlightened by the following article on photography that I wanted to share it. There may be some photographers (like me) who want their photos to look great, not only for themselves but sometimes for others. But then, who really notices. Well, I have to get over myself and start to take photography more lightheartedly. After all, as Olivier Duong says in his article, even the most iconic of photographers didn’t take perfect pictures.

I will continue to produce my best photos but I am now going to enjoy it even more. So, time to head out with a camera round my neck and a song in my heart. Maybe a few black and white blurred images just because I can.

Link to the article.

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