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Two Birds In The Bush

Something happened to my website and I lost a load of photos from the posts which I then deleted. So I am backtracking a bit from my last post to November, 2015 when these two beauties graced my garden.









Collared Dove LR 6 1000 AM

Old Town And New Life

Taken from along the Sea Road past the Fjara Cafe.

Lerwick Baby Seal   Shalders Nest

Birds Of A Different Feather

How do birds manage to look so adorable. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a perching little blue tit or playful gulls they all capture our attention.

1000 AM Gulls 1000

Weathers And Feathers

These photos were taken on the same day. Bright sunshine and then snow. But that’s the interesting thing about Shetland weather. A little seasonal confusion for the birds.

Sparrow Starling In Snow Blackbird Wings

Circus Acts In My Garden

You never know what you’re going to see when you point the camera out the window.

Sparrow Fan

You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

Snow Capped Starlings

A recent fall of snow landed lightly on the ground, trees and even the starlings. Much extra food was put out to feed the cold and hungry little birds. The snow only lasted a few days then it was back to our usual wind and rain. Still, I enjoyed the brightness from a photographic viewpoint.

Snow Capped Starling Starlings On Snowy Branches

Some Needed Additional Colour

Some days it was so dark in my back garden that I resorted to Lightroom to add some extra colour and treatment.

Click on images once then click on them again if full viewing is required.

My Garden Birds

I haven’t been able to get out much recently due to the bad weather. Being addicted to photography I set up the tripod in the kitchen to try and capture the birds that came. This proved to be an absolute joy as even 4 blue tits came and these are rare in Shetland. Some of these images may not be sharp as it was always so windy and the poor little birds were bobbing about on the branches sometimes holding on for all they were worth.

If full viewing is required click once on the image and then click again.

Swan Loch

On the way back from Minn Beach we stopped at this little loch at Bridge End where we saw two swans. This was one of them and the other can barely be seen in the background.

Swan On Misty Loch Crop 3

Male Mallard

Male mallard with the easily recognisable shiny green feathered head. Saw this one at Hay’s Dock in Lerwick.

Mallard 3

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