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No April Fool

These photos were taken on the 1st April. A snow shower covers the hills behind Scalloway. We would probably have thought this was an April Fool’s joke except this is Shetland and nothing is a surprise regarding the weather.

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Scalloway Reflections


Close Up Becoming Abstract

Two very different images – each a little abstract in their own way. The Scalloway Castle window with the sun shining in through the rust saturated stone and perspex window. The other is iron railings with smiley faced fish against the sun.

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Scalloway Castle Window Abstract_pe 900 AM Smiley Fish

Reflections Of Sun Setting On Scalloway

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Scalloway 4 4 13 2b 800


Castle Drama

Scalloway castle on a cloudy day.

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Scalloway Castle


Winter Sunset

Last night’s sunset brought photographers of all ages to scenic spots to catch the quickly changing sunset.

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Sunset At Clift Sound, Scalloway.Swimming Near The CastleDancing In The Sunset

Around Scalloway On Boxing Day

A variety of images taken with nearly numb fingers on a very cold Boxing Day.  From calm waters to an illegally parked balloon.

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Scalloway In The Low Winter Sun

Another calm day in Scalloway. I never tire of taking photos in and around Scalloway. The weather makes every photo unique. I gave this one some HDR treatment.

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November Sunset

On the 21st November there was a spectalular sunset in Shetland. I headed for the Scord of Scalloway to get an elevated view before driving back down the hill for some ground level images.

Mandolin In The Castle Window

I took my mandolin to the Scalloway Castle to photograph it in a different setting. I only had a few minutes to do it as a strange person came into the castle and I admit to being rather afraid. I was the only other person in the castle and I had the key so I had to wait until he had finished looking around before I could lock up. I waited outside – I think it was a good idea. I won’t be going to the castle again by myself.

The Creel and the Castle

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