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But Whoever Drinks…..

…… the water I give them will never thirst. John 4: 14.

Jug of water in the window of the lovely Tingwall Chapel.

Jug Tingwall Chapel

Tingwall Chapel

The Tingwall Chapel retains it’s beautiful old fashioned wooden decor apart from the pews which have been replaced by the more comfortable modern seating. It seems to suit it well, nevertheless.

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Bible In Tingwall ChapelTingwall Chapel Pulpit











Folded Corners

This photograph is of a small book called “Under His Shadow” ~ The Last Poems of Frances Ridley Havergal. It was published in 1886 so has survived and is holding together quite well.

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Folded Corners



Good News For 2013

The book may be vintage or it may be brand new but the word of God never changes and the news is always good.

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Psalms And Satin Ribbons

Some indoor work for a change using the lightbox my wonderful son made for me. On days of poor weather I can feed my photography addiction.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing my fellow bloggers and photographers a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Thank you to all who have looked, liked and commented on my blog posts throughout 2012. May 2013 be filled with the blessings of health and happiness for you all. ♥ ♥ ♥

Simply The Truth

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Calling All To Enter In

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Let There Be Light

I’ve joined a nice photo website called Blipfoto in which you post one photo a day as a sort of journal. The photo has to be taken on the day of submitting of course so it’s a good challenge. It’s also a good idea as you can look back on any week, month or year and see where you were, what you were doing and, of course, what photo you took.

Yesterday was so dull I thought I wouldn’t manage to get a decent photo for the journal, so I decided to stop at the Tingwall Chapel and see if there was enough light to take photos inside. It was quite dark but I found a few better lit areas near the windows.

I love the little Tingwall Chapel and these photos may not do it justice but they are a little different and that can only be a good thing.

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Where We Meet As One

I love the old fashioned interior of this kirk.

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