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Under Hamnaove Pier

Creels under Hamnaove Pier, Burra.

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Creels Under Hamnavoe PierCreel Under Hamnavoe Pier and Sparkles

Nature’s Force And Beauty

Gorgeous waves over the hill near Hamnavoe Lighthouse. It wasn’t really windy but there was a swell coming in from the gales the previous days. I’ve posted these photos individually instead of in a gallery as they are all beautiful in their own way.

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Waves 2

Waves 4 Waves 3 Waves 5 Waves 6

Shetland Bus Memorial, Scalloway, Shetland.

Taken at night this is a memorial which shows a model of the fishing vessel ‘Andholmen’ involved in the Shetland Bus operation during WWII. In the background is the former cruise ship ‘Gemini’ now an accommodation vessel for workers at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal.

For more information regarding The Shetland Bus please use this link. If it isn’t working copy and paste may be necessary.

Shetland Bus Memorial

Blue Boat And Bluebells

Beautiful bright blue at Hamnavoe.

Blue Boat and Bluebells

Art Of Little Boats

A different perspective of small trout fishing boats at Tingwall Loch, Shetland.Green Boat Tingwall Loch 2

Blue Boat Tingwall Loch Square

Scalloway In A Mirror Sea

Two versions just for the way of it.

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Scalloway Sepia

Small Boats Around Scalloway And Burra, Shetland.

Boat At Burland Boat Reflection Ospry At Hamnavoe Pier   Peerie Boat At Asta Peerie Boat Reflection East Voe Small Rowing Boat Moored At Burland, Trondra, Shetland

Images From Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland.

Two very different images from Hamnavoe, Burra. The first is the fishing boat ‘COMRADES’ coming in to the pier with a catch, followed by very hungry seagulls.

The second is looking under Hamnavoe Pier with the sun shining through creating shadows and reflections.

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Comrades Coming In To Hamnavoe (2B) 800Under Hamnavoe Pier HDR (Btr) 2 Sign 800

Scenes At Burra, Shetland.

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Looking Out Clift Sound From Burra_pe 800

Trust At Pier In Burra 3 800

The 'TRUST' at Burra_pe 2 800

The Waiting Game

Small rowing boat at the pontoon in Hamnavoe, Shetland. Just waiting patiently for it’s next trip out to sea.

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Rowing Boat At Hamnavoe Pontoon


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