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Blown Away

The weather was truly inclement the other day so I purposely didn’t take the camera out to the car as I thought there wouldn’t be anything to photograph. I happened to notice a leaf stuck to the rain on the roof of my car so ran back to the house hoping that it hadn’t blown away before I got back. But there it was, stuck beautifully to the roof of Henrietta Honda.

Leaf On Car

Bubbles of Light

Dew on the grass which looked like bubbles when the sun shone through it. As I said in a previous post the miniature aspect of nature’s art can be found anywhere if you look close enough.

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Dew On The Grass

Plip Plop

Went out to photograph landscapes and ended up with water pouring from rhone pipes. My first try at photographing moving water. Small beginnings but quite pleased with them.

Rhone Pipe Drips Rhone Pipe Drips

Cemetry In The Sun

Sun shining on Tingwall Chapel cemetery.

Tingwall Cemetery B

We Just Can’t Talk Any More

Came across this damaged phone box in Sandness. The wind through the broken pane was tearing up the wet phone book.

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Phone Box 2


An old Isbister’s Bedford bus lies decaying in Walls. I’ve given it a paint job.

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Isbisters Bedford Bus 4Isbisters Bedford Bus 2

Now Can I Eat Them?

Chocolate speckled eggs which won’t last till Easter – too yummy!

Things Go Better With Coca Cola…..

…..well, maybe not!

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Coca Cola

Bubbles In A Jar

I bought some flowers to photograph, which I did, but saw the sun through the jar lighting up the bubbles and thought it would make a nice abstract.

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Bubbles In The Jar

Close Up Becoming Abstract

Two very different images – each a little abstract in their own way. The Scalloway Castle window with the sun shining in through the rust saturated stone and perspex window. The other is iron railings with smiley faced fish against the sun.

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Scalloway Castle Window Abstract_pe 900 AM Smiley Fish

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