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Some Instrumental Abstracts

These are images of guitar and banjo strings taken with the sun shining on them. It was quite accidental but pleasing.

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Antique Mandolin

My antique mandolin with a little extra treatment. I can’t play my musical instruments – I just photograph them.

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A Strange Mix

Three very different photos with various treatments.

Berries and ewe. A close up focus of berries on the trees in my garden with a ewe in the field beyond.

Guitar head.

Sparrow on the roof.

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Mandolin Reflection

Mandolin reflecting in a window.

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Antique Violin

Some photos of my antique violin while the weather was inclement.

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From Home To Garden To Harbour

Angles of a ‘Tangle’

Another rainy day prompted the photographing of my daughter’s Tanglewood guitar. The Tanglewood Company was founded in London in 1988 and they produce Electric, Accoustic and Bass guitars among others. I love the Tanglewood guitar, it has a great sound.

Before embarking on a photographic guitar session I made a trip to our local music shop in town to buy a plectrum. What difference would that make, you may ask. Well, I think it adds character to a few straight strings.

The music shop, where the Tanglewood guitar was also purchased a few years ago, is called HIGH LEVEL MUSIC (click on name for some very interesting information) and is owned by Brian Nicholson who is himself a ‘not too shabby’ guitar player. That’s jokingly an understatement as he’s one of Shetland’s finest guitarists.

So with camera, guitar and plectrum in hand the rain no longer reigned that afternoon.

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