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Deep Red Hills

The hills of East Voe, Scalloway bathed in the deep red of a beautiful sunset.

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Sun Setting On Scalloway

No April Fool

These photos were taken on the 1st April. A snow shower covers the hills behind Scalloway. We would probably have thought this was an April Fool’s joke except this is Shetland and nothing is a surprise regarding the weather.

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Scalloway Reflections


Norwegian Flag On Shetland Bus Memorial

This is the Norwegian flag that sits on the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway. I took it against the sun on a windy day trying to capture the movement.

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Shetland Bus Flag

Shetland Bus Memorial, Scalloway, Shetland.

Taken at night this is a memorial which shows a model of the fishing vessel ‘Andholmen’ involved in the Shetland Bus operation during WWII. In the background is the former cruise ship ‘Gemini’ now an accommodation vessel for workers at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal.

For more information regarding The Shetland Bus please use this link. If it isn’t working copy and paste may be necessary.

Shetland Bus Memorial

The Real Film Star

I went up to Berry Farm, Scalloway where I met an American Film crew and contestants for The Amazing Race which is shown on American television. This little Shetland pony seemed mesmerised by all the comings and goings and just stood totally still for a long time. It was the ideal opportunity to get a close up photo of him. There was a little breeze blowing his mane making the image just right. I do hope we get a chance to see the finished American programme here in the Shetland Islands and hopefully this little chap will be in it too.

Pony Portrait 3B

Same Calm Day Different Views

How often does this stillness occur in Shetland? Not often enough so it’s good to take advantage of it especially on camera. The first image was taken from Uradale looking out towards Trondra and beyond. And later that day the pale sunset was from Port Arthur, Scalloway and shows the small island called the Green Holm.

Trondra From Sundibanks

Pale Sunset Green Holm

Colours of Home

These lovely terraced houses adorn the end of New Street, Scalloway, catching the late afternoon and evening sun. If it has been a particularly nice day at the beginning of February you can stand in this area and be blessed with a stunning sunset over Port Arthur.

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New Street Colours Of Home

Scalloway Hotel

Scalloway hotel with some HDR treatment. It has been recently painted and looks really nice.

Scalloway Hotel HDR

Close Up Becoming Abstract

Two very different images – each a little abstract in their own way. The Scalloway Castle window with the sun shining in through the rust saturated stone and perspex window. The other is iron railings with smiley faced fish against the sun.

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Scalloway Castle Window Abstract_pe 900 AM Smiley Fish

Scalloway In A Mirror Sea

Two versions just for the way of it.

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Scalloway Sepia

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