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Nature’s Force And Beauty

Gorgeous waves over the hill near Hamnavoe Lighthouse. It wasn’t really windy but there was a swell coming in from the gales the previous days. I’ve posted these photos individually instead of in a gallery as they are all beautiful in their own way.

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Waves 2

Waves 4 Waves 3 Waves 5 Waves 6

The Changing Faces of Shetland Weather

Two different images of a lovely Shetland cottage at Meal, Hamnaove.

Rain Shower At Meal, Hamnavoe Cottage at Meal, Hamnavoe.

There’s A Storm Brewing

Shetland is maybe not the place to be in winter for someone addicted to photography especially if landscape is your genre but extremes of weather bring opportunities too. On a typical windy, and eventually rainy, day recently I went to Meal, Hamnaove to see what could be captured. As the sun was setting the wind picked up and started blowing the tops off the waves. The waves weren’t huge but I liked the colours the sun provided at that moment. On turning round I was a little perturbes to see what was looming up behind me. The sun shining on the winows of the house made it look ghostly. A couple of quick shots and I was in the car and heading home.

Waves From Meal 1000 AMStorm Clouds 2 1000 AM

The Lows And Highs Of Photography

These images were taken at Burra. The first was from the safe ground level of Minn Beach and the second necessitated lying flat as I was so near the cliff edge.

Sparkling Sea Minn Beach 7C  Seapinks On The Cliffs 2 900 AM

Blue And White At Burra

The mist was rolling in really quickly at Burra. Wondering where would be the best place to catch it on camera we continued to Minn Beach where the last three of these images were taken.

Mist Rolling In Burra 2B Mist At Minn Beach Misty Cliffs Bannaminn Mist And Photographer Minn Beach 2

Same Calm Day Different Views

How often does this stillness occur in Shetland? Not often enough so it’s good to take advantage of it especially on camera. The first image was taken from Uradale looking out towards Trondra and beyond. And later that day the pale sunset was from Port Arthur, Scalloway and shows the small island called the Green Holm.

Trondra From Sundibanks

Pale Sunset Green Holm

Sumburgh Hotel From The Lighthouse

Sumburgh Hotel and airstrip taken from the Sumburgh Lighthouse.

Sumburgh Hotel

Meal Beach, Burra.

The frequently photographed beach at Meal, Burra, Shetland.

Sea At Meal Beach 3 Waves At Meal Beach 3

Sea Like A Painting

I love the sea in all it’s forms. The day these were taken the sky was blue making the sea a gorgeous blue/green colour.  This is near the Hamnaove Lighthouse in Burra, Shetland.

Sea Like A Painting Hamnavoe Lighthouse Sea At Hamnavoe Lighthouse Big Wave At Hamnaove Lighthouse 2

Woolly Web

Wool caught in the fence where sheep have been scratching themselves. It looks like a web as it shows up in the setting sun. Taken at Wester Quarff, Shetland.

Sheeps Wool Fence Quarff

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