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Empty vessels…..

…..make the most noise. But not this kind.

Wet Brown BottleTwo Empty Jars

Corked Bottle

There’s always a still life for grey days.

Cork In Bottle

“You didn’t say goodbye”.

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Ring 10

Now Can I Eat Them?

Chocolate speckled eggs which won’t last till Easter – too yummy!

Things Go Better With Coca Cola…..

…..well, maybe not!

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Coca Cola

Broken Glass Abstracts

These abstracts are made from images of broken windows on a small motor boat which is tied up at a local dock. Broken glass can produce many designs and adding colour makes for some very nice colourful images. I hope you like them.

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Broken Window (3)

Broken Window (4)



Broken Window 2




Broken Window


Raindrops On Red Tulips

Rain On Tulips

Four Tulips in the Rain

Come Taste The Wine

Something a little different from me but simple nevertheless. Two wine goblets, one being photographed through the other causing distortion. Some colour added. That’s artistic for a point and shoot girl like me. 🙂

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Come Taste The Wine

We Just Don’t Talk Any More

My antique bakelite telephone. It has been converted to enable it to work (which it does) but I think my finger would be in a splint by the time I finished dialling today’s telephone numbers.

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Phone Off The Hook 800

Pastel Dream

Pastel Dream

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