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Two Birds In The Bush

Something happened to my website and I lost a load of photos from the posts which I then deleted. So I am backtracking a bit from my last post to November, 2015 when these two beauties graced my garden.









Collared Dove LR 6 1000 AM

Blown Away

The weather was truly inclement the other day so I purposely didn’t take the camera out to the car as I thought there wouldn’t be anything to photograph. I happened to notice a leaf stuck to the rain on the roof of my car so ran back to the house hoping that it hadn’t blown away before I got back. But there it was, stuck beautifully to the roof of Henrietta Honda.

Leaf On Car

The Changing Faces of Shetland Weather

Two different images of a lovely Shetland cottage at Meal, Hamnaove.

Rain Shower At Meal, Hamnavoe Cottage at Meal, Hamnavoe.

Snow Capped Starlings

A recent fall of snow landed lightly on the ground, trees and even the starlings. Much extra food was put out to feed the cold and hungry little birds. The snow only lasted a few days then it was back to our usual wind and rain. Still, I enjoyed the brightness from a photographic viewpoint.

Snow Capped Starling Starlings On Snowy Branches

There’s A Storm Brewing

Shetland is maybe not the place to be in winter for someone addicted to photography especially if landscape is your genre but extremes of weather bring opportunities too. On a typical windy, and eventually rainy, day recently I went to Meal, Hamnaove to see what could be captured. As the sun was setting the wind picked up and started blowing the tops off the waves. The waves weren’t huge but I liked the colours the sun provided at that moment. On turning round I was a little perturbes to see what was looming up behind me. The sun shining on the winows of the house made it look ghostly. A couple of quick shots and I was in the car and heading home.

Waves From Meal 1000 AMStorm Clouds 2 1000 AM

Seagull Flying High

Seagull Flying High_pe 5 900Click on image to enlarge.

Sunrays Through The Branches

A beautiful New Year’s Day with the sunrays streaming through the branches of the laburnum in my garden.

Click on image to enlarge.

Sun Rays Through The Branches 900

Frightened By A ‘Fawkes’

I came back from a walk up the hill at the back of my house. On reaching the wall I saw a pair of legs with shoes lying in the snow. I really got a fright and was scared to look for a torso. On further inspection I realised that it was the discarded  ‘Guy’ from the bonfire which hadn’t taken place on November 5th. Phew!!!

Click on image to enlarge.

Sunlight Glinting On Water Drops

Caught the sun sparkling on these drops on a branch of my laburnum. Still with Boxing Day for this one.

Click on image to enlarge.

From Shore To Shining Shore

Another one from Boxing Day but thought it would be nice on its own.

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