Weathers And Feathers

These photos were taken on the same day. Bright sunshine and then snow. But that’s the interesting thing about Shetland weather. A little seasonal confusion for the birds.

Sparrow Starling In Snow Blackbird Wings

Happiness is…..

Went into Lerwick to take photos of flowers in the Lerwick Jubilee Flower Park. Up sprang this rarity called Liam in front of me smiling in the sunshine. Liam is a superb gardener and has just been nominated by the Tutors at SRUC Elmwood College to receive the best SVQ level 3 parks, gardens and green spaces student award! A fine achievement for one so young.

I’m really not good at portraits but how can you go wrong with a subject like this. Flowers? What flowers?

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Liam 2C

Liam Dreadlocks

Handsome In Black

The great Levi. His happiness act on your arrival home is to roll on the road and get covered in dust. What a welcome!


Pure Gold

A lovely sunset in March viewed with pleasure and photographed from East Voe, Scalloway. The second image shows the former cruise ship, now an accommodation vessel, Gemini  with the sun glancing off the port side.

Sunset From East Voe

Gemini In Sunset

A Perfect Model

Went for a wee run to Burra. This lovely Shetland pony was just standing in the field next to the fence. A gentle little breeze was blowing and I just had to stop the car and take some shots. Sometimes the Shetland ponies are quite filsket (Shetland word for frisky) and won’t stay still for a minute but this one was quite placid.

Shetland Pony 1Shetland Pony 2

Solarie Clips

We were so blessed in Shetland, and it’s something I won’t forget, to have the rain clouds clear enough to let the sun through during the full Solar Eclipse. When the eclipse was complete the clouds came back but it didn’t matter as we were on a high from seeing and photographing the event.¬† There is always a gull that photobombs in Shetland even on this occasion.

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Nature’s Force And Beauty

Gorgeous waves over the hill near Hamnavoe Lighthouse. It wasn’t really windy but there was a swell coming in from the gales the previous days. I’ve posted these photos individually instead of in a gallery as they are all beautiful in their own way.

Click on images to enlarge.

Waves 2

Waves 4 Waves 3 Waves 5 Waves 6

The Changing Faces of Shetland Weather

Two different images of a lovely Shetland cottage at Meal, Hamnaove.

Rain Shower At Meal, Hamnavoe Cottage at Meal, Hamnavoe.

Circus Acts In My Garden

You never know what you’re going to see when you point the camera out the window.

Sparrow Fan

You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

Snow Capped Starlings

A recent fall of snow landed lightly on the ground, trees and even the starlings. Much extra food was put out to feed the cold and hungry little birds. The snow only lasted a few days then it was back to our usual wind and rain. Still, I enjoyed the brightness from a photographic viewpoint.

Snow Capped Starling Starlings On Snowy Branches

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