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Handsome In Black

The great Levi. His happiness act on your arrival home is to roll on the road and get covered in dust. What a welcome!



My daughter’s lovely cat called Coco. Sweetest, funniest little thing. She’s dark tortoiseshell but still looks beautiful in sepia.


Comical Kirsty

This is Kirsty, the thirteen and a half year old spaniel/lab cross belonging to my best friend, Linda. Kirsty is so young at heart and doesn’t act like an older dog despite showing other signs of ageing. She is a wonderful companion and I swear she knows when she’s being funny and making everyone laugh. This is one of her quieter moments.

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Beauty And The Beach

This beautiful docile horse stood facing me with the low bright sun shining through it’s windblown mane. Onwards to Minn Beach and a bottle filling with sand as the wind was whipping up little sand storms. I waited for the wind to cease a little before taking a shot.

Horse Eye 2Bottle Bannaminn Beach 2B

A Gentle Spirit

“A lovely horse is always an experience…. It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.” ~ Beryl Markham.

Eye Of The Horse Sepia

Delightfully Fluffy

The gorgeous ‘Fluffy’ belongs to a friend. I was looking after her while my friend was away for a few days. What a delight she is. Always comes when called and never strays far. Always eats what she’s given. Fuss-free Fluffy.

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How Much Is That…..

…..doggie in the window? Had to detour from Tesco’s because of roadworks and it brought me to this lovely place, the Ness of Sound area. I could hardly manage to photograph the hen as it was so tame and kept coming towards me – for something tasty, more than likely.

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Owner Loves Pony, Pony Loves Owner

One of the most picturesque places in Shetland (in my opinion) is Fladdabister. There are new houses, renovated cottages and old ruins. A mix that seems to work well along each side of the winding road which runs through it and, of course, the sea is never far from any village in Shetland. This lovely pony, whose name is Del Boy, is so gorgeous and well cared for as you can see by the shine on his coat. Pony owner, Brian Nicholson, owns the well known local music store called HIGH LEVEL MUSIC where I think it would be impossible NOT to get what you required regarding anything musical. You will find the High Level Music Facebook page HERE. Brian is also a very well known and gifted musician.

In photo number three Del Boy is asking for a few more of his favourite ginger snap biscuits but Brian is careful not to give him too many. It was the highlight of the day for me.

Brian Nicholsons Pony 2 Brian Nicholson And His Pony Brian Nicholsons Pony Brian Nicholson And His Pony 2

Out Standing In Their Field

Just love ’em, smell and all.

Sheep In The Sun 2B Sheep In The Sun B

Black Dude

Levi did something today he rarely ever does. He sat still for two seconds. But all I needed was a one second shutter click for each photo. Gotcha Levi!

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Levi Profile Levi Square

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