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Solarie Clips

We were so blessed in Shetland, and it’s something I won’t forget, to have the rain clouds clear enough to let the sun through during the full Solar Eclipse. When the eclipse was complete the clouds came back but it didn’t matter as we were on a high from seeing and photographing the event.  There is always a gull that photobombs in Shetland even on this occasion.

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Beauty And The Beach

This beautiful docile horse stood facing me with the low bright sun shining through it’s windblown mane. Onwards to Minn Beach and a bottle filling with sand as the wind was whipping up little sand storms. I waited for the wind to cease a little before taking a shot.

Horse Eye 2Bottle Bannaminn Beach 2B

Cloud Drama

An unusual evening at Hamnavoe where the sun was shining from the west and storm clouds were looming in the east. They didn’t come to anything although I was prepared for running to the car at a moments notice to avoid a drenching.

As I was focusing on the setting sun a man appeared as if on cue and brought the photo to life.

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Clouds Hamnaove

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe 3

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe Sepia CP

Scenes In The Sun At Meal Beach

Different scenes at Meal Beach but taken in the same hour.

Meal Beach 2 Sparkling Sea Meal Beach 2C Cropped Sun At Meal Beach 2 Sepia

Tingwall Loch, Shetland.

A rare February calm. Days like this gelp get us through the winter. We (myself and my daughter) scared a large flock of geese which we didn’t see in time. They flew off with just a couple of seconds to capture them.

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Tingwall Loch Geese Over Tingwall Loch

Sunset At Hamnaove

I have neglected my blog for a long time but will try and catch up a bit. This photo of a Hamnavoe sunset was taken June 2013. Hamnavoe Lighthouse on the left. Hoping for more of the same to counteract the dreadful gales and rain we’ve been having.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

Scenes At Burra, Shetland.

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Looking Out Clift Sound From Burra_pe 800

Trust At Pier In Burra 3 800

The 'TRUST' at Burra_pe 2 800

Sunset From New Street, Scalloway.

A sunset taken in February from New Street, Scalloway looking out towards the Green Holm.

Sunset From New Street,

Castle Drama

Scalloway castle on a cloudy day.

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Scalloway Castle


Same Day – Different Sea Images

The first image was taken in the afternoon at Meal Beach, Hamnavoe and below is a boat leaving Scalloway in the sunset.

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Island In The Sun (Meal Beach, Hamnavoe)

Boat Leaving Scalloway In The Sunset

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