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Swan Loch

On the way back from Minn Beach we stopped at this little loch at Bridge End where we saw two swans. This was one of them and the other can barely be seen in the background.

Swan On Misty Loch Crop 3

Male Mallard

Male mallard with the easily recognisable shiny green feathered head. Saw this one at Hay’s Dock in Lerwick.

Mallard 3

Brown And Beautiful

How adorable is this hen. Because of it’s inquisitiveness it stayed still long enough for some nice shots. This one was from a group of very well cared for hens – the ones you see in the previous post. If you love hens these images are worth viewing in the enlarged size.

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Starling On A Branch

I’ve always loved starlings even though they can be noisy and aggressive. They can also be comical mimics and you never know what’s going to chirp out of them next. Beautiful colours too.

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Starling On A Branch

Just Love Starlings

They may be common and they may all look the same but they are really funny and very photogenic.

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Same Bird ~ Different Story

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Blackie and Woody

Two lovely visitors to my garden this year. One common and the other a rare visitor indeed.

A Strange Mix

Three very different photos with various treatments.

Berries and ewe. A close up focus of berries on the trees in my garden with a ewe in the field beyond.

Guitar head.

Sparrow on the roof.

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Tilting Sparrow

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First one way…..











…..and then the other

Feeding The Baby

I was watching out my kitchen window and saw this adult sparrow feeding the baby with peanuts. I already had the camera set up so was pleased to capture this scene.


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