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Sunset At Sundibanks.

The bliss of sunsets in the countryside.

Gate In Sunset 1000 AM









Fence In Sunset 1000 AM

Clover In Sunset 1000 AM





















You Are My Baby…..

…..and I’ll look after you for as long as you’re with me.

Mummy Loves Lamb

Vementry – A Shetland Paradise

I can’t believe that I visited this Shetland paradise for only the second time in my life. I think a picnic on a warm summer day will be on the cards.

Click on images to enlarge.

Vementry 4B Vementry 5B Vementry B

Woolly Web

Wool caught in the fence where sheep have been scratching themselves. It looks like a web as it shows up in the setting sun. Taken at Wester Quarff, Shetland.

Sheeps Wool Fence Quarff

Sunset From Trondra

These are from a lovely evening in June, 2013. Taken from above the Burland Croft Trail at Trondra.

Sunset At Trondra Grass And Fence In The Sunset

Same Day – Different Sea Images

The first image was taken in the afternoon at Meal Beach, Hamnavoe and below is a boat leaving Scalloway in the sunset.

Click on images to enlarge.

Island In The Sun (Meal Beach, Hamnavoe)

Boat Leaving Scalloway In The Sunset

Ivy Surviving The Winter

Ivy is particularly suited to the Shetland climate. It just keeps on being green and growing despite the frost and snow.

Click on image to enlarge.

Ivy On The Garden Fence

Sun Setting At Meal Beach, Hamnavoe, Shetland.

Port Arthur Pontoon ~ Scalloway

We recently had two beautiful days in Shetland and many cameras were brought out to capture the scenery.  Althought I took some scenic shots, I enjoyed taking these alternative images at Port Arthur, Scalloway.

Click on images to enlarge.

The Darling Buds

Walking down a lane in town I saw some beautiful pink flowers. I liked these as they were still in bud.


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