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Weathers And Feathers

These photos were taken on the same day. Bright sunshine and then snow. But that’s the interesting thing about Shetland weather. A little seasonal confusion for the birds.

Sparrow Starling In Snow Blackbird Wings

Lerwick Flower Park

June, 2013.

Raindrops On Red Tulips

Rain On Tulips

Four Tulips in the Rain

Ivy Surviving The Winter

Ivy is particularly suited to the Shetland climate. It just keeps on being green and growing despite the frost and snow.

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Ivy On The Garden Fence

Seagull Flying High

Seagull Flying High_pe 5 900Click on image to enlarge.

Sunlight Glinting On Water Drops

Caught the sun sparkling on these drops on a branch of my laburnum. Still with Boxing Day for this one.

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Different Ways Of Seeing

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Sun Through Shed Windows

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House Among The Trees

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Same Bird ~ Different Story

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