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There’s A Storm Brewing

Shetland is maybe not the place to be in winter for someone addicted to photography especially if landscape is your genre but extremes of weather bring opportunities too. On a typical windy, and eventually rainy, day recently I went to Meal, Hamnaove to see what could be captured. As the sun was setting the wind picked up and started blowing the tops off the waves. The waves weren’t huge but I liked the colours the sun provided at that moment. On turning round I was a little perturbes to see what was looming up behind me. The sun shining on the winows of the house made it look ghostly. A couple of quick shots and I was in the car and heading home.

Waves From Meal 1000 AMStorm Clouds 2 1000 AM

Sunset Scenes

Always a variety of scenic subjects in the sunset at Hamnavoe, Burra. A beautiful evening for the youngsters out rowing in the yoal.

Stonework Grass SunsetRowing Boat In The Sunset Hamnavoe

Dandelion Clocks Sunset

Cloud Drama

An unusual evening at Hamnavoe where the sun was shining from the west and storm clouds were looming in the east. They didn’t come to anything although I was prepared for running to the car at a moments notice to avoid a drenching.

As I was focusing on the setting sun a man appeared as if on cue and brought the photo to life.

Click on images to enlarge.

Clouds Hamnaove

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe 3

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe Sepia CP

Change Of Hue – Sunset Blue

Abstract sunset photos turned blue – and why not. Taken at Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland.

Blue Sunset Blue Sunset 2

The Strong And The Fragile

I love seeing newly ploughed fields. This old Massey Ferguson has served its master well at East Burrafirth. On to Hamnavoe in the evening sunset and we find one of a host of surviving dandelion clocks.

Tractor And Furrows 4Dandelion Clock In The Sunset 2

Scenes In The Sun At Meal Beach

Different scenes at Meal Beach but taken in the same hour.

Meal Beach 2 Sparkling Sea Meal Beach 2C Cropped Sun At Meal Beach 2 Sepia

Another Hamnavoe Sunset Evening

Every sunset is different. Who could tire of them? This time I purposely took it out of focus for an alternative result. Quite like the abstract look it achieved.

Sunset at Hamnavoe Grass In Sunset Hamnavoe 2 Sunset at Hamnavoe 2B

I Knew It Would Be Good…..

…..but not this good. Another wonderful sunset at Hamnavoe, Burra. Sometimes you can tell from the sky how it’s going to look at a certain location. Sometimes you’re just lucky.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

Red Sky At Night

Anne’s delight! Hamnavoe lighthouse in the sunset and one from East Voe on our way to Burra. That’s two evenings in a row. How blessed we are.

Sunset Hamnavoe Lighthouse Sunset Hamnaove Lighthouse 2 Sunset From East Voe

Sunset At Hamnaove

I have neglected my blog for a long time but will try and catch up a bit. This photo of a Hamnavoe sunset was taken June 2013. Hamnavoe Lighthouse on the left. Hoping for more of the same to counteract the dreadful gales and rain we’ve been having.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

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