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Same Calm Day Different Views

How often does this stillness occur in Shetland? Not often enough so it’s good to take advantage of it especially on camera. The first image was taken from Uradale looking out towards Trondra and beyond. And later that day the pale sunset was from Port Arthur, Scalloway and shows the small island called the Green Holm.

Trondra From Sundibanks

Pale Sunset Green Holm

Sheep In Early Morning Mist

Very early one morning in May. The sun was trying to burst through the mist. Taken from my back yard with Berry Farm in the background. I love those mornings.

Sheep In Morning Mist 2C

Misty Hills

We have had so many misty days here in Shetland recently but many times it looks so nice when pouring down over the hills at Clift Sound. This photo was taken from Burra looking towards the Burra Bridge and beyond.

Mist On The Hills From Burra 2

Vementry – A Shetland Paradise

I can’t believe that I visited this Shetland paradise for only the second time in my life. I think a picnic on a warm summer day will be on the cards.

Click on images to enlarge.

Vementry 4B Vementry 5B Vementry B

Clift Sound From East Hogaland, Burra, Shetland.

A lovely cottage looks out over Clift Sound. A little out of the way place in Burra but worth the detour.

Clift Sound From East Hogaland Burra

Childhood Reminder

I love this photo, not because it’s well taken or anything (because it really isn’t) but it reminds me of happy times when I was a child. The summers seemed longer and warmer then but I’m glad that so many rural areas like this in Shetland remain quiet and peaceful.

Hens At Ocraquoy, Cunningsburgh

Spring Flowers And Fine Food…..

… Voe, Shetland.

Voe House Voe Pierhead Restuarant, Voe

In The Cott Road

Some photos to show off this beautiful part of Shetland. There are so many lovely places when you take to the side roads.

Weisdale and Cott 3

In The Distance

Overlooking South Whiteness and beyond from the viewpoint above Wormadale, Shetland.

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Looking From Wormadale

Seaspray At The Cliffs

We’ve had more than a month of gales here. It has been restrictive regarding ferries and flights but has provided some splendid opportunities for brave photographers.

This one was taken at the cliffs beyond Minn Beach in Burra, Shetland.

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Cliffs Beyond Bannaminn

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