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Getting Ahead On Pause

Mosey is one of the most photogenic little guys ever. He’s a natural which makes photographing him a pleasure.

Mosey BW 1000 AM

Handsome In Black

The great Levi. His happiness act on your arrival home is to roll on the road and get covered in dust. What a welcome!


A Perfect Model

Went for a wee run to Burra. This lovely Shetland pony was just standing in the field next to the fence. A gentle little breeze was blowing and I just had to stop the car and take some shots. Sometimes the Shetland ponies are quite filsket (Shetland word for frisky) and won’t stay still for a minute but this one was quite placid.

Shetland Pony 1Shetland Pony 2


My daughter’s lovely cat called Coco. Sweetest, funniest little thing. She’s dark tortoiseshell but still looks beautiful in sepia.


Just The Sweetest Little Mosey

Always happy to pose…..for a treat.


My Lovely Mosey

Two photos of my lovely little tabby cat, Mosey. He doesn’t mind when I stick the camera in his face as he generally gets a treat for his tolerance.

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Mosey Profile Mosey Profile 2

Levi Hears A Dog

Another walk up the hill with Levi this morning to catch the sun rising. It turned out to be a watery, colourless sunrise with mist forming so not much success there. Levi got spooked by a dog barking and hid in the trees. One of the few times he actually sat still and I was able to catch an image.

Levi In The Trees (2) 800

Handsome Boy

Lovely grey cat in the neighbourhood.




The Lovely Mosey

My adorable rescue cat, Mosey. Poses even while asleep. He especially loves the sheepskin rug.

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Darling Aspen

My daughter’s kitten, Aspen. Always a cutie and never a dull moment.

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