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Small Boat In Trondra Sunset

Well, we have had another nice sunset here in Shetland. Taken from my usual place on Trondra.

Boat In Sunset Trondra

About A Buoy

A long awaited sunset at Trondra. Haven’t had enough of these this year. Maybe there’s still time.

Sunset At Trondra

Sunset Scenes

Always a variety of scenic subjects in the sunset at Hamnavoe, Burra. A beautiful evening for the youngsters out rowing in the yoal.

Stonework Grass SunsetRowing Boat In The Sunset Hamnavoe

Dandelion Clocks Sunset

Another Hamnavoe Sunset Evening

Every sunset is different. Who could tire of them? This time I purposely took it out of focus for an alternative result. Quite like the abstract look it achieved.

Sunset at Hamnavoe Grass In Sunset Hamnavoe 2 Sunset at Hamnavoe 2B

Sunset Silhouettes

A recent sunset at Hamnavoe. I’m quite addicted to photographing grass sunsets as you will see in future postings.

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The Road Much Travelled

And off I went again. Yes, another lovely evening. This time I thought I would try my longer lens for a closer image of the sun. The result was not too bad but I missed capturing the sun reflecting in the sea. A photo-bombing gull flew in front of the sun. It looks red in the sunset.

Gull In Sun

I Knew It Would Be Good…..

…..but not this good. Another wonderful sunset at Hamnavoe, Burra. Sometimes you can tell from the sky how it’s going to look at a certain location. Sometimes you’re just lucky.

Sunset At Hamnavoe

Red Sky At Night

Anne’s delight! Hamnavoe lighthouse in the sunset and one from East Voe on our way to Burra. That’s two evenings in a row. How blessed we are.

Sunset Hamnavoe Lighthouse Sunset Hamnaove Lighthouse 2 Sunset From East Voe

Foula From Port Arthur

Rather a nice evening on the 26th. Rushed out to Port Arthur just in case the sky was nice after the sun had set. Good decision. Even got an accidental gull.

Foula From Port Arthur

Another Golden Evening In Shetland

Sunset images from New Street, Scalloway looking over to Port Arthur and beyond. The tide was quite low so some of the lower part of the pier was more visible than usual. I feel it adds more character to the image.

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Pier In The Sunset Pier In The Sunset (4) Pier In The Sunset (14)

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