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Same Calm Day Different Views

How often does this stillness occur in Shetland? Not often enough so it’s good to take advantage of it especially on camera. The first image was taken from Uradale looking out towards Trondra and beyond. And later that day the pale sunset was from Port Arthur, Scalloway and shows the small island called the Green Holm.

Trondra From Sundibanks

Pale Sunset Green Holm

Ripples And Reflections

White window reflections in the ripples at Mareel, Lerwick.

Water Reflections 4

Cloud Drama

An unusual evening at Hamnavoe where the sun was shining from the west and storm clouds were looming in the east. They didn’t come to anything although I was prepared for running to the car at a moments notice to avoid a drenching.

As I was focusing on the setting sun a man appeared as if on cue and brought the photo to life.

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Clouds Hamnaove

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe 3

Storm Clouds Hamnavoe Sepia CP

Misty Hills

We have had so many misty days here in Shetland recently but many times it looks so nice when pouring down over the hills at Clift Sound. This photo was taken from Burra looking towards the Burra Bridge and beyond.

Mist On The Hills From Burra 2

Balancing Act

Raindrops on the tips of grass blades with reflections.

Drops On Grass

Drizzle Drops On Grass

The forecast was for heavy rain so,  just in case I couldn’t go out later in the day, I went out to the garden to find it had been drizzling and the grass was wet.  I love nature.

Drops On Grass

Scenes At Burra, Shetland.

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Looking Out Clift Sound From Burra_pe 800

Trust At Pier In Burra 3 800

The 'TRUST' at Burra_pe 2 800

Same Day – Different Sea Images

The first image was taken in the afternoon at Meal Beach, Hamnavoe and below is a boat leaving Scalloway in the sunset.

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Island In The Sun (Meal Beach, Hamnavoe)

Boat Leaving Scalloway In The Sunset

From Shore To Shining Shore

Another one from Boxing Day but thought it would be nice on its own.

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Around Scalloway On Boxing Day

A variety of images taken with nearly numb fingers on a very cold Boxing Day.  From calm waters to an illegally parked balloon.

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