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Nature’s Beach Abstracts

Sometimes it’s necessary to look at the smaller parts of a bigger picture. Nature excels in artistry. These were taken at Minn Beach, Burra, Shetland.

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Sea And SandShell In SandSun On Waves

The Changing Faces of Shetland Weather

Two different images of a lovely Shetland cottage at Meal, Hamnaove.

Rain Shower At Meal, Hamnavoe Cottage at Meal, Hamnavoe.

Same Calm Day Different Views

How often does this stillness occur in Shetland? Not often enough so it’s good to take advantage of it especially on camera. The first image was taken from Uradale looking out towards Trondra and beyond. And later that day the pale sunset was from Port Arthur, Scalloway and shows the small island called the Green Holm.

Trondra From Sundibanks

Pale Sunset Green Holm

Change Of Hue – Sunset Blue

Abstract sunset photos turned blue – and why not. Taken at Hamnavoe, Burra, Shetland.

Blue Sunset Blue Sunset 2

Scenes In The Sun At Meal Beach

Different scenes at Meal Beach but taken in the same hour.

Meal Beach 2 Sparkling Sea Meal Beach 2C Cropped Sun At Meal Beach 2 Sepia

Beach Scene At Gulberwick.

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Gulberwick Beach

Seaspray At The Cliffs

We’ve had more than a month of gales here. It has been restrictive regarding ferries and flights but has provided some splendid opportunities for brave photographers.

This one was taken at the cliffs beyond Minn Beach in Burra, Shetland.

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Cliffs Beyond Bannaminn

Sunset From Trondra

These are from a lovely evening in June, 2013. Taken from above the Burland Croft Trail at Trondra.

Sunset At Trondra Grass And Fence In The Sunset

Scenes At Burra, Shetland.

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Looking Out Clift Sound From Burra_pe 800

Trust At Pier In Burra 3 800

The 'TRUST' at Burra_pe 2 800

Sunset From New Street, Scalloway.

A sunset taken in February from New Street, Scalloway looking out towards the Green Holm.

Sunset From New Street,

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